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Do you want to save your cost on the car’s appearance? Of course, yes! Liquid wrap at Elite Auto Tint in Perryville, MO, is an excellent option for enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetic! Booking an appointment with us today to learn more about our liquid wrap!

What Is Liquid Wrap?

Liquid Wrap offers a revolutionary solution for protecting and customizing your vehicle without the need for costly and permanent paint jobs. Applied through spraying, this innovative product can be easily peeled off by hand, similar to a vinyl wrap. With a minimum of 7-10 thick coats, Liquid Wrap ensures not only durability but also a seamless removal process when you’re ready for a change. Unlike vinyl wraps that often leave behind adhesive residues, Liquid Wrap leaves your vehicle’s surface clean and untouched.

Top 4 Advantages Of Liquid Wrap

A liquid wrap wll provide a wide range of advantages to your vehicle including:


Plasti-Dip provides reliable protection against rock chips and abrasions, ensuring your vehicle’s surface stays pristine. Additionally, it serves as an affordable solution to conceal minor dings or scratches while revitalizing the overall appearance of your car, truck, or motorcycle. By utilizing Plasti-Dip, you can effectively preserve the residual value of your vehicle while enjoying its refreshed aesthetic.

Improves Appearance

Transform your car, truck, or motorcycle into something extraordinary with the affordable customization options of Plasti-Dip. No need to dip the entire vehicle – you can enhance its appearance by adding a distinctive touch to specific areas such as the hood, roof, or mirrors. Prepare to capture everyone’s attention as heads turn left and right to admire your unique ride. When it comes to achieving a one-of-a-kind look, Plasti-Dip reigns supreme in the professional customizing industry.

Preserving Value

Liquid Wrap provides exceptional protection for your car or vehicle’s factory paint, ensuring its longevity and value. Unlike repainting, Liquid Wrap safeguards the resale value of your vehicle and keeps warranties and lease agreements intact. Repainting can potentially void warranties and lead to increased insurance costs. With Liquid Wrap, you can preserve the original factory paintwork of your car, truck, or motorcycle, ensuring its beauty and value for years to come.

Sharper Look

Experience the versatility of Liquid Wrap with its wide range of color options, including customizable blends, and the ability to achieve a matte, semi-gloss, or glossy finish. Say goodbye to traditional paint and unlock the potential for a truly distinctive and personalized appearance on your car, motorcycle, or truck. Liquid Wrap serves as a superior alternative, enabling you to capture the unique look and style you’ve always envisioned. Stand out from the crowd with Liquid Wrap’s head-turning aesthetics, making your automobile an undeniable focal point wherever you go.


Experience the excellence of Elite Auto Tint, where you can enjoy top-quality and professional installation services for liquid wrap products on your vehicle. Liquid wrap is a smart choice for individuals seeking an affordable alternative to repainting or customizing their vehicle.


Chrome trim gets a lot of hate in the car community these days. That’s why “chrome delete” is a thing. Commonly treated chrome include:


We offer full car dipping service, which includes Rim color change, bottom and roof color change, grills color change, and full-body color change with one color tone or mixed color tone. All Liquid Wrap colors are high quality and long-lasting so no worry about quality.


We know multi-color or mixed shining color dipping is the most famous and very crazy trend nowadays. It is one of the most demanding services in liquid Car Wrap business. When a multi-colored car drives down the road, everybody looks at it.


For a color change, we can do it to the chrome and re-color your rim to any color of your choice. We do not want to get into a situation where the result is a wheel you are paying for, and the result looks terrible. That’s why we offer an advanced liquid wrap service for rim color change.



Yes, one of the main advantages of liquid wrap is its ability to be easily removed without damaging the underlying paint. When properly applied, the liquid wrap forms a flexible film that can be peeled off in one piece or in sections, revealing the original paint underneath. However, it’s worth noting that if the underlying paint is already damaged or in poor condition, there is a slight possibility of some paint coming off with the liquid wrap during removal.

Yes, liquid wrap can be waxed and polished to enhance its appearance and provide additional protection. After the liquid wrap has fully cured, which typically takes a few days, you can treat it like a painted surface. This means you can apply automotive waxes, sealants, or polishes to further protect and enhance the gloss of the liquid wrap. However, it’s important to avoid abrasive compounds or harsh chemicals that can damage or weaken the liquid wrap. Always follow the product instructions and use suitable products designed for use on liquid wraps.

In most cases, minor damages or imperfections on liquid wrap can be repaired. If the liquid wrap gets scratched or damaged, you can often touch up the affected area by applying a new layer of liquid wrap over the damaged section. This can help blend the repair and restore the appearance. However, for more significant damage or if the entire coating needs to be repaired, it may be necessary to remove the existing liquid wrap and reapply a new coating.


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